Sultan Belshalat
Senior manager – Dubai Economic
Development Corporation
Sultan is a Senior Manager at Dubai Economic Development Corporation (DEDC) within the Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism. His efforts are primarily directed towards attracting foreign investment and spearheading strategic initiatives aligned with the Dubai Economic Agenda, D33. Additionally, Sultan dedicates his expertise to the advancement of the manufacturing sector, concentrating on innovative manufacturing prospects to bolster its growth within Dubai. The primary objectives of DEDC encompass bolstering Dubai's position as an economically competitive locale; rolling out strategic economic development initiatives; fostering a diverse and sustainable economic environment; drawing in international investments and top-tier talent across crucial industries; amplifying Dubai's status as a premier global center for investment and digital enterprise; launching initiatives aimed at propelling innovation, artificial intelligence, and technological advancement; and positioning the emirate as a pioneering force in the green economy sector. Before joining DEDC, he was an Investment Banker with HSBC’s Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) team, focusing on the MENA region. With over 7 years of experience, Sultan has successfully worked on multiple cross-border M&A transactions in a variety of sectors. He is well-versed in deal execution, financial due diligence, valuation and financial modeling, and transaction structuring. Sultan holds a Bachelor's in Business Administration from Boston University, with concentrations in Finance, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship.